A Trip Of A Lifetime

Specializing in one-of-a-kind experiences, Peace River Adventures has something for everyone. With different tours to choose from, customized trips, a bilingual guide, and plenty of scenic views, Peace River Adventures offers unforgettable moments for all. 

Starting out as an idea to promote river tourism throughout the Peace Country, Peace River Adventures is led by Alana and Felix Bergeron, who together, wanted to share their passion of the river and provide others with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique outdoor environment. 

One of their most memorable customized tours happened in the summer of 2023, which was a four-day tour with over 80 stops and covered 640km to fully explore the Peace River and find hidden gems along the way. 

From Thursday to Sunday, a crew of photographers, videographers and outdoor adventurers joined Felix to learn more about what the river has to offer and map out a variety of enticing and exciting stops for future boaters and paddlers. This was a project led by Mighty Peace Tourism who hired Peace River Adventures to help develop a river guide

Paul Lavoie, a local photographer who is known for capturing incredible moments in nature and whose work has been featured in Travel Alberta countless times, was one of the lucky members aboard the days long trip. 

“‘It was such a great experience being on the river with Peace River Adventures. Felix was very courteous and made sure everyone was comfortable and had a great time,” said Paul. “With his years of experience building boats and his knowledge of the river, I honestly don’t think there’s anyone I’d trust more to guide us. I would go back in a heartbeat!”

As a local to the Peace Region, Paul still found himself in awe of the changing landscapes he witnessed on the tour and how diverse each section of the river was.  

“The Mighty Peace lived up to her name on this trip! From the steep, high cliffs, and crystal-clear waters east of Dunvegan, the rolling hills near Shaftesbury Trail to seeing deep into the boreal forest north of the Town of Peace River, I was continuously amazed by the beauty and history of the region,” said Paul. 

Travelling on the Peace can create a sense of nostalgia, especially when the area is so rich with historical events that have helped shape the communities we see today. 

Whether you’re a history buff or someone new to the area, Paul felt that many people would be intrigued as they are guided through a tour such as this one.  

“Its easy to visualize back to a time when voyageurs travelled the river,” said Paul. “I don’t think much of the landscape has changed, which is incredible. I believe everyone should try this trip at least once.”

Mike Dandurand, a videographer from Ucluelet who specializes in recording outdoor adventures, was also onboard to assist in capturing the wonder and uniqueness of the landscapes that flanked the Peace River. 

“As someone who has never explored the Peace River Region before, it was truly an experience of a lifetime. There is something quite magical about going from the flat, farm field plains of Northern Alberta to dropping down into a vast river valley,” said Mike.

Astonished by the long ties to historical heritage in the area, Mike reciprocated the same feelings Paul had when it came to travelling on the river and recognized the magnitude it has held for over two centuries.

“The historical significance of the trip was very impressive. Being able to re-trace Alexander Mackenzie’s footsteps almost makes you feel like you have gone back in time,” said Mike. “I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. Even if you have lived in Alberta your whole life, there is something new to see here.”

Travelling by boat offers a new kind of adventure and when paired with the extraordinary terrain of the Peace River, an experience filled with astonishment can be created. 

When booking your tour with Peace River Adventures, you can expect high quality service and a greater appreciation for the Mighty Peace Region. Discovering the Peace has never been easier, and now is your chance to create meaningful memories that will last you a lifetime.