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The History of Peace River: A Calendar of Events

Peace River is a town in northwestern Alberta that has a rich and diverse history. From its origins as a fur trading post to its development as a transportation hub and agricultural centre, Peace River has witnessed many significant events that shaped its identity and culture. We invite you to explore some of these events that occurred over it’s history and learn more about the people and places that made Peace River what it is today.

September 1, 1905

Alberta became a province with A.C. Rutherford as Premier.

September 1, 1932

The 1st issue of the Northern Gazette was produced; E.E. Taylor was the owner, editor and manager.

September 2, 1972

The Canadian Beaver Baseball Championship sponsored by the Kinsmen Club was held in Peace River.

September 4, 1938

The Old timers Associatin had their first official function – a Labour Day picnic at the Exhibition Grounds and a dance at Athabasca Hall.

September 5, 1930

Mike Chomka was chased by a posse (car and horse) and shot. He had stolen money from Berwyn Bank of Commerce.

September 5, 1965

The first class graduating from Glenmary High School included three students.

September 7

The average date of first frost in Peace River.

September 10, 1925

The Roval Bank assumed the branches of the Union Bank of Canada at Peace River and Waterhole.

September 10, 1939

Canada declared war on Germany.

September 12, 1954

A plaque on the P.O. wall honoring John Gough Brick was unveiled H.A Brick

September 13, 1940

Death claimed pioneer merchant WE. Wilson in Vancouver. He operated a hardware 1914-1936 in Peace River.

September 15, 1920

The Duke of Devonshire visited Peace River and chartered the D. A. Thomas for a cruise to Tar Island.

September 16, 1928

George MacLeod, who had been secretary to John A. MacDonald died. He was first president of Peace River Board of trade and President of the Agricultural Society for many years.

September 17, 1959

Kelly Kisio, born in P.R., plays hockey for the Calgary Flames.

September 21, 1952

Captain J. O Sullivan ended his riverboat business on the Peace and went north to work on the Mackenzie.

September 22, 1979

Belly dancing lessons were available at the Athabasca Hall.

September 28, 1917

The town approved installation of street lights.

September 28, 1922

A prairie fire raged towards McLennan. APP and RCMP organized effort to protect settler homes

September 30, 1962

A runaway truck carrying 4250 gals. of aviation fuel over- turned on Main Street. The ignited spill burned 11 business. No lives were lost – luckily it was Sunday.

    October 1, 1919

    R. Cruickshank was appointed land agent.

    October 1, 1979

    The Peace River Arena Complex was finished.

    October 3, 1916

    Peace River Drug was incorporated. An owner was Dr. Donald; the current owner is Bob Kinshella.

    October 4, 1922

    The CNR became a reality by Order in Council..

    October 5, 19547

    The Bank of Nova Scotia in Peace River with manager Alex Brown opened its doors.

    October 7, 1956

    The first service was held at the Pentecostal Tabernacle.

    October 7, 1969

    James Hoskin was installed as Dean of St. James’ Cathedral.

    October 11, 1911

    Pierre and Mae Gauvreau arrived in Peace River. He was the Government telegraph agent.

    October 14, 1936

    The consecration of the St. James’ Pro-Cathedral and opening of the Athabasca Hall took place..

    October 15. 1915

    A Phimester arrived from Calgary to open a law practice in Peace River.

    October 17. 1917

    Dr. Greene advertised his dental practice in the Peace River Record.

    October 17, 1981

    The Salvation Army opened its new citadel in Peace River.

    October 18, 1950

    Reginald James Pierce B.A.. D.D.. was consecrated as the 7th Bishop of Athabasca.

    October 19, 1984

    Grant Notley, NDP Leader, died in an air crash near High Prairie.

    October 22, 1980

    James Knox died. He was a founding member of the Alberta Wheat Pool.

    October 22, 1979

    Pearl Muir opened Peace River’s book store, Tamarack Books.

    October 25, 1918

    The Provincial Board of Health ordered that gauze masks be worm as flu protection.

    October 28, 1912

    The first public school opened in the George house with nineteen pupils. The teacher was Miss Margaret Anderson.

    October 1897

    The northwest Mounted Police Barracks was built in Peace River.

    October 1910

    The telegraph line arrived at Peace River Crossing.

    October 1914

    Dr. Grimshaw arrived from Medicine Hat to practice medicine

    October 1930

    Vehicles parked down the center of Main Street.

    October 1956

    The Kinnette Club was formed in Peace River. The longest serving mayor in Peace River was Dr. EH. Suther. land 1937-33. James Mann served as Mayor 1953-57.

      Peace River is a town with a lot of stories to tell, and a lot of heritage to celebrate. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, we invite you to discover more about Peace River’s past, present, and future, and to share your own memories and experiences with us.

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